Watching independence grow

One of the many exciting things that I love about our current adventure of living in Istanbul, is the many opportunities for fostering independence in the children. I am sure you can do it anywhere, but there is something special watching Daisy happily agree to go off to the Tuesday market for our fruit and vegetables, with Dave in tow. Lest you think I am getting lazy, I have been laid low with a tummy bug, so was relying on one of the children to do the double whammy of weekly ‘pazar’ shop and walk the dog.


View of the Tuesday pazar down below from our terrace

As you will see from the photo of the pazar taken from our balcony, it is a short trek down some very steep hills to get to the market, but the tricky bit is getting back up that hill laden with all those fruit and vegetables.

I tried to doctor the list so that it was only essentials – bananas, strawberries, nectarines, peaches, pears, grapes – yes, well that’s just the fruit then – aubergines, broccoli, eggs (perhaps risky?) and lastly levrek (sea bass) which Daisy insisted she could cope with ordering, and carefully asked whether I needed it filleted or not – that’s my girl!

I love that its a challenge for her on so many levels – managing Dave and a whole lot of shopping, lugging the whole lot up the hill, not to mention the language skills of buying everything in Turkish – go Daisy!